Wonderful West Derby Whirlwind

This week saw us bring another stunning bathroom in the West Derby area of Liverpool. In this work blog, we will go through some of the more challenging projects we can come up against, and what we do to ensure the same perfect finish to the hard projects as we do for the easy ones. Here is what the wonderful Mr & Mrs Briscoe had to say about the experience as a whole:

“Having had a new Bathroom installed 5 year ago, which was supposed to be the best, I had to have it renovated, on request of my wife. By chance Stunning-bathrooms where already working in the area, a quick phone call and Roger appeared, like a genie from the lamp. Excellent information given and no pressure, just good detail on what the company can provide.
The big day arrived, and the work force started and never stopped. I can safely say the precise detail and exceptional furniture placed in the room, makes it outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate in giving a 5 star revue and recommend them to anybody.”

Every job begins with a full rip out. Each and every tile and is removed and more often than not all the floorboards and plasterboards, those depend on the age and overall condition of the room amongst other factors. On this job, it was clear that all the internal walls would need to be, pretty much, completely replaced.

The moment the first tile was removed, the plasterboards came with it along with the internal brickwork. This meant that the only thing separating the room was the plasterboards on the outside of the stud wall. This was remedied by replacing the cripple and common studs, installing new insulation and then finally finishing with waterproof plasterboards. Some projects have perfectly fine walls and some projects need more attention than other, it is always a case of swings and roundabouts.

One this was accomplished, Jackoboards and self levelling compound were used to create a new concrete like floor. Tile manufacturers recommend that either one of the two are used. However, we like to use both as it guarantees a perfectly level floor that will stand to the test of time, no pun intended.

Each tile is perfectly level, with an exact 2mm grout line to ensure the perfect finish. Once this has been done, the suite, radiator come towel rail and any other bits were installed. This brought the room to life and put the biggest of smiles on our clients face who, from the outset, were impressed with the attention to detail throughout the design all the way to install and the finishing touches.

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