Widnes Wet Room Whirlwind

This week the team were tasked to update a wet room for Mrs. Rogerson in Widnes. The aim of this project was to  renovated as opposed to innovate, and that is exactly what was accomplished in just three (Yes, 3!) days.

We started off by stripping the room back to its core, and ensuring the structure of the building was sound prior waterproofing.

After this, our expert craftsmen get to work, firstly by adjusting any piping and pluming needs to allow the new fittings to come together nicely at the project end. Then, the tiling begins, using out tiling perfection technique and using the best materials provided to us by Mazzanna Tiles.

Lastly, the fixtures are added to finish the room. We feel like the 1100mm combination unit with matching tall boy in grey avola contrasted greatly with the light tiles and helped the mosaic break up the room and give character. The tall boy cabinet was fitted with a concealed electrical output, fitted and tested to the latest UK standards to ensure safety.

Sometimes your picture of an ideal bathroom can come to reality a lot quicker than you may think. To find out more, get in contact with our team by the following means and see how we can create your perfect bathroom:

Office: 0151 374 0177

Tel / Mob: 07709978620

Email: stunningbathrooms@hotmail.com

Still need convincing? Check out our google reviews, left by our fantastic previous clients to see how we managed to bring smiles to their faces and many more!

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