Tiling to Perfection

We here at Stunning Bathrooms know the pain of having an entire bathroom tiled, approving the work only to notice that one tile tucked away in the corner then having the pain of deciding to live the minor imperfection or try and chase up the plumber/tiler who had installed it originally.

To combat this we use our ’tiling to perfection’ system, used in conjunction with a laser level in order to ensure a perfect level for the tiles to ensure every single tile in your Stunning Bathroom is set to the correct height and shape to give you the perfect bathroom.

You can see our system at work in the small gallery below:

And for the completed work along with the bathroom you can see below

Interested in having your own Bathroom tilted to perfection by Stunning Bathrooms?

You can reach us via the following:

Tel / Mob: 07709978620

Email: stunningbathrooms@hotmail.com

Or fill in the following form & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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