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Stunning Old Swan Transformation

After a hectic month over the festive period and new year, were back! This week showcases an incredible transformation completed by one of our teams. This work blog post brings a stunning old swan transformation into your time line. And, we hope you enjoy seeing the hard work that this process requires as much as we do! Remember, every job takes one week and no corners are ever cut. From planning, to preparation and then to the perfected finishes.


The difference between the before and after truly is remarkable. From the tile selection by the customers to working with each other making sure the suite is perfect and any little finishing details. We love the hanging plant and how the green accentuates the room more. Something we could see a lot more of in the future.

The Project

After removing the original suite, two layers of tiles and plaster boards, inspection could begin. This is done to ensure the stability of the room prior to all plumbing and electrical work. Once this is complete all plumbing and electrical work is done. The room can be boarded using water resistant plaster board and prepared for tiling.

The stone resin tray is set on top of thermal construction boards to ensure proper strength and adhesion between the two. Once this is done, the floor can be levelled. This is achieved using self levelling compound, and prepared for the floor tiles to be set.

All of the above ensures longevity and high robustness to the room, ensuring that not only are you getting a room that doesn’t just look the part, but is the part.

Once the tiles are set, they are grouted using Kerakolls cement resin grout, which we think is the best on the market. A green company whose products we use to helps us reduce our environmental impact.

The transformation is truly remarkable and we couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out. The hard work and fine details put in by our expert fitters isn’t done enough justice in these, still, incredible photos.

This weeks client had not seen the bathroom at all until the final reveal and to see the reaction was a credit to the work put in by all of those involved.

Final Comments

Hard work produces results and to see happy clients time and time again is what we strive for. A truly stunning Old Swan transformation. If you are thinking about getting your bathroom renovated then click on the link below to see the words said by some of our previous clients.

Our projects last no longer than one week and are typically finished on Friday. And, with a quality finish at an affordable price, you might just be surprised what we can do for yourself and your home.

So, get in touch today for your free no obligation quotation by any of the means below and find out for yourself.

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