Brilliant Bromborough Makeover

We’re back with two brand new projects completed this week in both Brombrough and Halewood. Both jobs presented their own challenge. But as you will see and read throughout this post, every bit of effort really matters. Here is what the lovely Brookes family and Diane had to say about the service provided.

The Reviews

“First class from start to finish. Rodger made recommendations which we went with and we’re so glad we did. He has a multi-skilled team, who finished every job big and small to perfection. Everyone turned up exactly on time, worked right through and tidied up each day before they left. We love our new bathroom and they were all such nice people to deal with. It was all completed in 5 days and the whole process was stress free. Whoever thought of the name for the business got it spot on!”Diane and Family.

“After 25 years our bathroom needed seriously updating. Due to my husband needing to have a hip replacement we needed a walk in shower. With this in mind, Rodger gave us lots of ideas to work with. My husband and I could not believe how stress free the process was, this was down to the hard working fitters, Rob and Wes. They were always on time and always explained every day what they were doing that day and cleaned up every night upon leaving.
We highly recommend this firm if you want a first class bathroom, a very big thank you to Rodger and his son Kirk and especially to Rob and Wes who worked their magic and Who says dreams don’t come true!”
Brookes Family.

The Projects


One of our key aims when completing any project is to ensure every possible step is taken to ensure the longevity of the room itself. This, along with a 2 year warranty for any work completed, gives every customer peace of mind.

Our project in Brombrough required extensive repair to the stud walls and joists in the ceiling before any work could begin. The first step was to locate the water leak and stop it. In this case, it was a poorly installed extractor fan, a water pipe/shower mixer joint and a poorly insulated flooring causing rising damp. This was done by carefully removing damaged, sponge/cake like wood before treating and cleaning the rest.

After this, the rip out phase could continue as the structure of the room has been restored back to its original strength. Any demolition before this phase would have only caused further damage to the property.

After this, our usual perfected and industry leading techniques were used to create a room that is perfectly practical in every way. Not only this, but the design makes the most of the space available whilst not over-crouding and cluttering the room.


A project that was more straight forward than the previous however just as rewarding. A special mention about this project, is that not only is it now a truly stunning bathroom, it will bring about a positive impact on somebody’s life. Making every day tasks easier and less laborious.

Finishing Off

Every project we complete brings a special sense of pride to our company and team. The special mentions from customers to the individuals is something to highlight. However, over the last few months, as you can imagine, this sense of pride has been amplified. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces after having jitters and being told how delighted with every stage of the project has been great.

So, if you would like to turn your bathroom into something you dream about, get in touch with our team by any of the means below.

Please click on the Google logo below which will direct you to the rest of our reviews. They’re some of, if not, the best in the whole of the North West!

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