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Breathtaking Bootle Refashion

One thing that always remains constant no matter what is our attention to the final finish, the little things that everyone may not notice. It is this attention to detail that builds up customer relationships like very few do. Our latest project epitomises this and can be seen with another gleaming review. To Jane and Mike, we hope you enjoy your new bathroom and en-suite as much as we enjoyed designing it and installing it for you.

“If you decide to call your company Stunning Bathrooms you are setting a very high bar in terms of customer expectations, but the title fits perfectly as that is exactly what they deliver. We’ve had the same positive experience as everyone else and have been impressed from start to finish with the levels of customer focus, honesty and friendliness from all the team. Both Roger and the lads are total perfectionists, with an almost obsessional level of attention to detail – they are the very opposite of “bish-bash-bosh”. That doesn’t just apply to what you can see. it’s also the quality of the preparatory work that you can’t, but will undoubtedly add longevity to the life of your bathroom. You don’t get all of your reviews being 5-star by accident, it’s that consistent professionalism that should give you total confidence if you are considering getting them to do your bathroom. I’m glad I invested the time in finding the right company and have no doubts that should you choose to use Stunning Bathrooms you too will be as happy as we are with the finished product.”

As always, customers words echo a thousand times more than ours do. It is the words like those above and the numerous others we have received that give us the satisfaction and pride in what we do. Continually trying to do better, provide a better service and ultimately a better product.

As with every project, we start by completely removing the old suite and tiles to the original bare walls and floor of the room and assess. From there we replace anything that needs it, from floor board to joists, to ensure the room is rigid and will stand to the test of time. In the image above, the old tiles were not removed and the new ones simply placed over, a cardinal sin in the building world.

After that, the next stages is to install new pipework and plumbing as well as the all the necessary electrical cable. The next stage is to lay Jackoboards down and pour self levelling compound on top. This gives the customer a solid floor that will stand the test of time like no other.

Please note, the images above show the room prior to painting. As always it is the finishing touches that set us apart again. Making sure that the tile trim sits perfectly flush with the tile to eliminate any lip, and ensuring a flush joint when two different cuts meet. It is this attention to detail that warrants the type of reviews that our projects receive, which can be found by clicking on the Google logo at the bottom of this page.

If you like what you see above, anything else on our website or have ideas that you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch by any of the means below.


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