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Aigburth Labour of Love Renovation

Welcome back to another one of our work blog posts! This weeks blog post will cover a renovation that was recently completed in Aigburth, Liverpool. We will go into depth about the planning and difficulty on this project, showing that we will do anything we can to make you vision come true! This is our Aigburth Labour of Love Renovation, we hope you enjoy reading about our work and find inspiration.

Before & After Comparison

Problems and Solutions

We knew from the outset this project was going to be one of the more laboursome of projects we have undertaken. The original layout of the room was to be flipped entirely with the toilet being on the old external wall. Now normally this wouldn’t be an issue. But, with a side extension there was no way to externally run the waste pipe to the soil stack. The only option was to build a stud wall and run it internally to the only external wall. Now for the second problem, the conservatory in the way!

After measuring numerous times, we knew there was only one way give our client the bathroom they wanted and deserve. With about 7mm(!) of tolerance for the 4 in pipe in-between the old wall and window, we pressed ahead. Removing the conservatory roof was the only way to get the job done properly. Sure, it would have been easy to just replace the stack from the roof and below. However, if you’re going to do something, it should only be done properly. In between all this, we ripped out the bathroom itself to bare brick, getting rid of the terribly low false ceiling!

From here we installed the stud and got all our copper plumbing completed. We only use copper pipe and try to avoid push fit fittings where possible. Following on, we started to bring the room back to life, trying to keep as much of the height as possible. All new plasterboard installed on the walls is moisture resistant with all the wet areas getting tanked.

Back to the soil stack! We rebuilt the entire stack using plastic pipe, which all new soil pipes are made from. This gives us the ability to move the t-junction on the pipe allowing us to move the toilet by giving us enough drop on the length of the run.

Bringing it all together

After finishing the stack we leaked checked everything and then refitted the roof. A lead slate was used around the stack to ensure a water tight seal. The homeowners plan is to eventually build a full double wrap around extension so all the pipe work will be boxed in, even though we are thrilled with how neat it looks all things considered. On the external wall a gas pipe was moved by our Gas Safe plumber and an electrical outlet was adjusted for an outside light to be installed in the future.

We feel the renovation was an incredible success. We absolutely love the wood effect waterproof panelling. The natural colours in the room give it a truly timeless look and the decor tiles split the room up giving it that detail. Our clients were delighted and we were really proud to unveil this project. We would love to do a project that has this same colour pattern one day, especially using the wood effect panels.

Closing comments

Thank you for joining us through this Aigburth Labour of Love Renovation blog post. We hope it has inspired you and provided valuable insights for your own project. Remember, when there is a will there is a way, it just has to be found and then executed.

We sincerely hope that this blog post has ignited your passion for creating a stunning bathroom that not only serves its practical purpose but also evokes a sense of delight and harmony. Remember, the true essence of a remarkable bathroom in the perfect balance between functionality and beauty.

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Our main supplies on this project were Mazzanna TilesBathrooms Liverpool & K2 Plastics. As always, thank you for this help and support and check out their websites by clicking on their name to get some inspiration.

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