A new lease of life for the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur

Sometimes a project comes about which goes that little bit further than most, it means that little bit more. A project where you know is not only going to transform a house but make a difference in everyday life. This project for the Sisters of St Mary of Namur is exactly that.

This week, we completely transformed and modernised their bathroom whilst increasing its ease of use and accessibility. We began as we always do, putting in precautions to ensure that no damage what soever can occur where it is not wanted during the ‘rip-out’ phase of the job, as well as putting in measures to mitigate and reduce the disturbance caused by the project itself.

After this, we removed everything from the room itself. The suite, bath, tiles and any old rotted joinery beneath was removed and replaced or treated ready for the waterproof boarding to be installed. This serves two main purposes, the first being the obvious and the second is providing a solid and level foundation to lay the tiles on.

The room was tiled using our tiling perfection technique, something that has been perfected by our team over the 30 years plus experience that we have. The tiles were provided by Mazzanna Tiles once again, helping us give the best value for money when concerning materials and fittings.

From initially meeting with the sisters it was clear that one of the goals was to make the bathroom more accessible and user friendly. So, when designing and planning the room this was paramount. It was decided that the bath was to be replaced with a walk in shower. The tray used has a built in slimline drying area at the entrance, allowing anyone who uses it to dry completely before leaving the shower. This helps avoid any unwanted slips for the sisters and their guests.

Disability grab bars were installed around the bathroom, specifically at the entrance to the shower and the comfort height rimless toilet. Concealed shower controls were also located at the entrance for convenience along with a disability fold down chair if anyone happens to want a nice long hot soak on a cold winters day.

The furniture and fittings was a simple yet stunning anthracite and chrome combination, mating well with the wall tiles and contrasting just enough with the floor to bring a warm character to the room. The shelving was rebuilt with an extra two shelves, increasing the storage capacity and will be fitted with a custom anthracite door upon delivery from the manufactures.

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Another job, another very satisfied client and another large sense of satisfaction for us here at stunning bathrooms. If having that dream bathroom is something you’ve always wanted then get in touch by any of the means below to book your free no obligation quotation.

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